Thank you for the invitation. On this issuethere is one thing I do not agree with RW Brother answerone of the words but also a lot of understanding World Cup Soccer Shoes.I do not particularly scientific and systematic study of the shoesjust with interests and hobbies in-depth contact . In factfor amateur players shoes in addition to domestic cloth shoes with rubber soles started manufacturersforeign manufacturers brands of shoes does not World Cup Soccer Cleats strictly professional and amateur points mostly off the field from a classified environment .

From the sports point of viewthe country is basically divided into three categories:Authentic World Cup Soccer Cleats natural grassland artificial grass hard ground ( Wooden and concrete ) . But in terms of quality turf indeed and very difficult compared to foreign venues . Thereforethe choice of shoes pay attention not largethe following from my own knowledge of the site and shoes will be explained .If the artificial turf rubber granules it is difficult to get good leather studs good shoes Real World Cup Soccer Cleats. Among foreign manufacturers of products devaluation Nike and Adidas most common other brands such as Umbro PUMADIADORAasicsmizuno shoes appear much. Because personal brand preference these brands do not too cold. Or return to the top of Nike and Adidas the two most common brands.

My first pair of shoes is a total 90 2 TF broken nails . This pair of shoes the first time I tasted Nike Soccer Cleats World Cup the bitterness of good shoes - my feet yardage between 39 and 40 so buy a total 90 2 TF 39 after heeltoe again and again to be the arch arc frayed and the shoes have been worn lining (360 yuan original purchase ahanger special ! ) ...... Finally these shoes became everyday shoes no longer afraid to play. Figure 1 and Figure 2 .Because I was a different Adidas Soccer Cleats World Cup color addiction but it is also a streamlined lovers so when buying a fancy shoe is its main shell blue. Rubber particles and broken nails in the grass / fake velvet grass concrete / plastic floor can be applied but in the end I found wrongrubber particles grass with broken nails it is prone to irregular displacement in time-varying and I was a like dribbling the ball changed direction and amateurs .

Finallywe look for shoes spikes material. Currently flooding the market are basically glial spikes shoes Cheap Brazil World Cup Soccer Cleats but we will see some steel spikes shoes football fans in general because the venue for the outdoor land artificial turf or hard ground the venue accordingly hardso here you are recommended to use multiple nail glue nail soccer shoes look at the specific reasons for the introduction of the number of spikes can know so here Brazil World Cup Soccer Cleats For Sale is no longer a single introduction. We are here to say six steel spikes nail soccer shoes for some professional playerssix steel spikes nail soccer shoes and in some cases would be their first choiceand that is slippery in the rain when the game is on the field in the stadium more slippery when wet but the land has become soft then a relatively long six spikes nail soccer shoes played a strong grip of its features to help members in the soft ** maintain a good balance between grip ** muddy grounds and comes six nail soccer shoes there's a little story Buy World Cup Soccer Cleats.

1954 World Cup finalwhen the Federal Republic of Germany will play against Hungary ** uncrowned king Brazil World Cup Soccer Cleats Online of the worldin the group stage of the tournament they just poor score of 3 to 8lost to his opponent so people did before the final Federal Republic of Germany is not optimistic about the team . Due to the differences between the strength and the opponent the Federal German team only in the equipment start of the article Shop World Cup Soccer Cleats: ** Because when the team participated in the game at all times wear short nails and the Federal German team was put on spikes slip football shoesso if you want to beat them in the final words of God must expect heavy rain so by looking for opportunities on the advantages of equipment in the game .Buy 2014 World Cup Soccer Cleats Maybe God is really blessing although the day before the start of the finals still hotbut before the start of the race was suddenly heavy rain so the playing field wearing short nails in the shoes of the Hungarian team does not hold water and wore spike soccer shoes slip Federal German team but did not affect the weather brings . During the competitionthe Federal German team final earlier lost a ball situations comeback to win the match 4 to 2 for the first time won the World Cup and this win is also the German legend known as the Miracle of Bern .